After 29 years, Igbo man who Traveled to south Africa since 1992 finally Returns Home (photos)

After 29 years, Igbo man who Traveled to south Africa since 1992 finally Returns Home (photos)

A Nigerian man from Igbo tribe has finally returned home after spending 29 years in the South Africa.

A Nigerian man identified as Chibuzor Yagazie Ikeh who shared the story wrote: “When I was away, I got a distress call from auntie Udoka who complained about her uncle Chiwueze Odumonye, who left Nigeria since 1992 and has not returned ever since then, but unfortunately, he is very sick and bedridden in South Africa, asking for my help. 

I kept wondering how possible that could be. Then I remembered I have a good relationship with Isiekenesi Welfare Association South Africa, so, I put a call across to the Vice President, Okechukwu Okwara who called Mr. Oduweze and he said he was fine. But I insisted that he wasn’t fine. Then he promised to visit Chiwueze with the President, Dee Obinna Kinglsey Lemon unawares, of which they did and saw him lying sick and helpless. They immediately rushed him to the hospital for adequate treatment. 

One week later, he was discharged and I was asked to come pick him and take him to the village cos medically and science wise, the Doctors in South Africa have done their best. 

Chiwueze Oduonye’s flight was booked by Isiekenesi Welfare Association South African and I was asked to pick him up on Sunday 17 of February, 2021 from the airport and take him straight to the village. 

Afther he landed at Lagos airport, I lodged him in a hotel while I went back to my house. Then came back the following day by 5am to pick him up and we both went straight to the village because he doesn’t know his way to the village as he left for South Africa since 1992, which is 29years today.

Taking a full grown man that is sick and not related to me to the village wasn’t easy because it was a serious war for me and him but I thank God that he is home finally. 

This won’t have been possible without Isiekenesi Welfare Association South African, under the chairmanship of Lemon Kingsley Obinna, Vice President Okechukwu Okwara, Patron Chimezie Ohanya who was in contact with me through out this journey. Every trip was funded by Isiekenesi Welfare Association South Africa, including his hotel bills. 

For records, under the instruction of the Welfare, Chiwueze Oduonye handed over his documents to me, including his Nelson Mandela citizenship passport, which will be returned back to him When he is medically and mentally stable to avoid him misplacing those documents.

Kudo to Isiekenesi Welfare Association South Africa, for coming to terms with the fact that brotherhood is 👇👇”