Opinion: Why Federal Government Should Allow Nigerian To Carry Guns

Opinion: Why Federal Government Should Allow Nigerian To Carry Guns

We have heard and also watched how more and more peoples becomes violent everyday by day, In Nigeria today insecurity is our major problem, ranging from Boko Haram insurgency, political violence, abduction and kidnappings, bombing of places of worship and schools, etc. I suggest that the federal government should approve or legalized carrying of gun for civilian.

Owning a gun can make one to protect himself and his family’s life. With this insurgency rate increases everyday by day, some families could not sleep with two eyes close at night knowing that someone might come anytime to bang in their homes, stealing theirs and even injured or hurt them but with a gun nearby, the family will take cover and also feel protected when the try bang into the house. And again is your right to defend yourself, which means one needs to carry a gun or have protection than being defenseless in a country where harmful act may cause in life or death situations.

Guns Will keep you Safer, having a guns will protect you when you are walking alone and staying alone, guns are used as a defense weapon than a murder weapon especially this Fulnai Herdsmen.

One point while gun gun should be legal is that it will make the ower look more responsible when he buy gun, because he needs to have a license that will records how he handles the weapon in case if he wants to purchase another one.

Another point is, it will make one more knowledgeable when it comes to guns, some of the guns purchase in secret are used carelessly but when becomes legal, those seller can help to train you for proper handling, with this there will be less crime and better handling will become more effective.

There are many other reason why guns should be legal in this country. They’re many irresponsible gun owners today that needs education on how to handle it. Although is not easy to have a gun mostly if you don’t have the mind to handle it. Gun can also hurt you or your family if not properly handled. If you think gun should be legalized, would you get one for yourself? And make sure you know how to use it in case of intruder.