If You Are Using Your Tithe to Help the Needy, You Will Soon Become a Needy — Bishop Oyedepo (video)

If You Are Using Your Tithe to Help the Needy, You Will Soon Become a Needy — Bishop Oyedepo (video)

‘Someone that is helping the needy and not paying his tithe will soon become one of the needy.’

Those were the words of Bishop David Oyedepo, the General Overseer of the Living Faith Church Worldwide otherwise known as Winners’ Chapel in a Youtube sermon video.

The living faith Bishop was teaching on the touchy subject of tithing and prosperity. According to Luke 11 verse 42, and Malachi 3. Verses 8 to 10, Oyedepo’s emphasis is on the fact that if you are helping the poor, make sure you are not robbing or defaulting in your commitment to God in the area of tithe.

Tithing and charity are two different things. One does not stop the other.

God wants us to take care of the poor, but he wants us to pay our tithes because tithe is his mechanism of blessing us and causing increase in our lives.

This can also be connected to Jesus’ statement on the same matter- give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God. If you can pay taxes to government, why should you struggle to pay tithe to God?

Based on the principle of spiritual prosperity, Bishop Oyedepo wants us to know that giving to the needy must not replace giving to God. Therefore, if all you do is charity, it is not enough. According to Oyedepo, one will worst off after sometime if one does not pay one’s tithe but only give to the poor.

Bishop Oyedepo is well qualified to speak about tithing and giving. Known as Apostle of Faith, Bishop Oyedepo is a man of tremendous wealth and ‘dangerous giver. Tithing and sowing of seed are big spiritual practices among members of the Winners Chapel worldwide.

These results of these practices are evident in his ministry and other establishments like the two Christian universities in Nigeria alongside his successful Christian publishing among others.